Use of any other type of battery is not supported. Point the camera at the subject, use the monitor screen to compose the image, and then press 1 2 the shutter button half way. The camera adjusts this setting automatically. However, we recommend that you always take along more than one memory card whenever using the camera far away from the home or office. This is due to the characteristics of lens, and does not indicate malfunction of the camera. Automatically turns off the monitor screen if no operation is performed for a specified amount of time in the REC mode. Многие предпочитают читать документы не на экране, а в печатной версии.

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Инструкции для прочих Casio Цифровые камеры

You cannot turn off the casio exilim 500 инструкция screen for any other recording function. Note that the configuration of the focus frame changes in accordance with the Auto Ezilim area you select. Если Вы хотите быстро просмотреть содержимое страниц, которые находятся на очередных страницах инструкции, Вы воспользоваться ими.

Macintosh see page To World Time Make sure you really do not need a file anymore before you delete it.

Читать Инструкция по эксплуатации Casio EXILIM CARD EX-S онлайн мануал pdf (страниц )

Next, use [ ] and [ ] to select the image you want to print. Use [ ] and [ ] to select the feature whose setting you want to configure, and then press [ ].

Casio digital camera service manual and parts list 25 pages. Move between tabs Move from the tab to the settings Move from the settings to the tab Move between the settings Display the options Short Movie consists basically of two parts, as shown in the illustration below. They do not exactly match the screen contents actually produced on casio exilim 500 инструкция camera.

Читать Инструкция по эксплуатации Casio EXILIM CARD EX-S500 онлайн мануал pdf (страниц 235)

You can protect files individually or you can protect all files in memory with a single operation. Increases the EV value. Casio exilim 500 инструкция the camera at the subject, use the monitor screen to compose the image, and then press 1 2 the shutter button half way.

The more an image is compressed, the greater the loss of quality. Page 40 Prolonged contact with battery fluid can cause skin irritation.

This will make it impossible for the computer to recognize the digital camera when it is connected. Click [Start] and then [My Documents].

Load инструкця for printing the images into the printer. I Battery Life Guidelines The battery life guideline values given below indicate the After that, you can recall the setup whenever you want to use it.

Цифровой фотоаппарат Casio Exilim EX-S500

The card is locked. Turn on the printer. Multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot by Exposure You can also copy files from built-in memory to a memory card and from a memory card to built-in memory. Wide Angle Optical Zoom: You can play a Casio exilim 500 инструкция Stand slideshow without worrying about remaining battery power, or you can specify display of a particular image.

If something is missing, contact your dealer инструкцмя soon as possible.

Цифровой фотоаппарат Casio Exilim EX-S Инструкция, описание, цена Casio Exilim EX-S

Use [ ] and [ ] to display the image you want. Be sure to check the requirements for the particular application you are trying to use.

Memory casii is locked. Water creates the risk of fire and electric shock. Use [ ] and [ ] to select the city you want, and casio exilim 500 инструкция press [SET].

Set the current date and the time.

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