Раздел, посвящённый популярной карте для Warcraft III. Would like to have friends of my own one day but i enjoy wathcing friends. I forgot to add it seems to be something about techies that causes the automatic revive to malfunction. Hi there, BMP, there is a bug that I encounter while playing the map. But they detroy all our towers if we dont defend!

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Anonymous September 3, at 8: Posted by BuffMePlz at Me and my friends are very grateful to you for your AI map! You can download Warcraft Version Switcher dota allstars 6.62 ai. If I got some other bugs, I will report them.

Гайд по dota theme manager v4 Edit not the show. Dota Allstars официальный сайт. Кстати, подборка архивных карт позволяет попробовать совсем другой баланскогда некоторые герои или предметы были куда сильнее сегодняшних.

DotA Allstars AI Released! — Download | Lancraft

В карте были исправлены баги. White armm u use version switcher???

В основном переведены описания предметов и героев. Also, right before this happened, the game became slower and slower.

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But heroes like axe and pit lord can easily wipe out those creeps! Anyway some weird stuff: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Anonymous May 6, at I have patched dota allstars 6.62 ai.

Итак, вернусь к советам для тех, чей поиск не завершился этой страницей. Будут ли ещё подобные — посмотрим.

Dota allstars 6 62 ai как установить — Video GAME

Chan The Version 1,24a is a security patch that would fix some hacks on warcraft thats why some of the previous map cant be dota allstars 6.62 ai when you create the game.

Keep up the good job BMP: Also last game I kept getting spammed when it was saying Critical Error control group not found I wiped out a single wave with axe and I got gold! The AI map is still improving. Anonymous September 6, at 7: Anonymous September 4, at 3: Btw, I want to report some dota allstars 6.62 ai Можно бесплатно скачать старую доту Если Вы не нашли ту версию dotaчто искали, то рекомендую не расстраиваться, ведь на arbse.

Какой лучший герой в дота 2 I really don t think thats how you jungle batrider. First release, updated to 6.

Dota allstars 6 62 ai как установить

No groups found» what the hell was that! Теперь и будущем в zip архиве было в rar. BadBoy September 5, at 1: Joon Kiatthanks for telling me ; Update:

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